I’m Jordanne and I am Basically Adventurous.

I’m not the sort of adventurous that will go skydiving or walk the Great Wall of China. I mean the adventurous that might choose a daring lipstick colour or leave my window open all night kind of adventurous. I mean it’s almost the same thing anyways. Right?

You could say I’m a home body or lazy or boring, but in actuality, nature scares the heck outta me. I honestly have the worst possible luck when it comes to the “great outdoors”. I’m always the one that gets chased by a bee, falls over and scrapes my knee, is swarmed by bugs, and anything else you can think of. Let’s just say, nature and I don’t get along. But, I swear I put in as much effort as possible.

My entire family is the adventurous type. They actually enjoy riding their bikes through the trails, hiking in valleys, and anything else that gets them into the fresh air.

Regardless of the reason, I’m going outdoors and you get to come with me! I’m going to tell you all about my tragic fails and who knows, maybe some epic adventures too.

Stay adventurous my friends,

The Basically Adventurous Jordanne.